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Sightseeing Tours Are The Best Way To Discover Hollywood

Hollywood provides the perfect destination for sightseeing tours in Hollywood CA any time of year. It possesses the global reputation like no other neighborhoods in Los Angeles to have! Hollywood sparkles with its gems of old glamorous hotels and celebrity hangouts. No trip to Los Angeles is complete without sightseeing tours in Hollywood!


Being the home for many movie studios and historic tourist destinations, and its world-famous namesake avenue Hollywood attracts millions of travelers every year. The emerging urban cityscape, working production scene, the iconic movie town and much more are the must-visit attractions you definitely don’t want to miss!  The sightseeing tours and a celebrity bus tour in Hollywood surely guide you and help you get the most out of your journey.


Celebrity Bus Tour in Hollywood allows you to feast your eyes on the luxury villas and mansions of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Sightseeing tours in Hollywood CA drove you up through the front gate of the rich and famous celebrities in Los Angeles and nearby attractions include the Guinness World Records Museum, the walk of stars and the fully restored El Capitan Theater and much more.  Capture the souvenir photos of the Hollywood sign for your memory.


Finding that perfect guided tour can be a challenge, especially when celebrity bus tour in Hollywood takes you for excursions through the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills! The Sunset Ranch offers riders a choice of a one or two-hour trail rides into Griffith Park. The guides are very responsive and will try to match you up with a horse that matches your personality. Further moving to the Beachwood Drive, seems to be a very popular spot to view the Hollywood sign. Feast your eyes on the luxury villas and mansions of some of Hollywood’s rich and famous stars on a sightseeing tours in Hollywood CA.


Hollywood is still an excellent place for the holiday break with some splendid spots you definitely don’t want to miss! Meet your fellow travelers on sightseeing tours in Hollywood CA, and set off to drive past some of the city’s most iconic attractions away from the crowds along with the town’s must-visit attractions. To mention a few are as follows.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood one of the biggest amusement parks in the state of California
  • Dolby Theater is one of L.A.’s most impressive live entertainment venues known for, year-round high-profile screenings, premieres and events
  • El Capitan Theater operated by the Walt Disney Company and serves as the venue for many of Walt Disney Pictures’ premieres.
  • The Los Angeles Zoo located in Griffith Park seems to be the largest municipal park in the US. This place is Famous for miles of horse trails, real train yard of antique trains, polo grounds, hiking trails, and even small caves and much more things to do



A list Hollywood Tours help you explore the best of Hollywood and let you learn and observe exciting things about Hollywood on your adventure-packed trips. We aim at offering fantastic tours and sightseeing services available to visitors appeal to a wide range of interests and budgets. To have a premier travel experience and customized sightseeing tours in Hollywood CA call our team at 1-800-875-2052 or 310-593-0905 today!

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Top 4 Places To Add In Your Sightseeing Tour In Los Angeles

Hollywood is blessed with an international recognition that no other area in LA has. Though some parts of the region are downright abandoned, Hollywood still shines with old fascinating hotels & celebrity hangouts alongside a budding urban cityscape & working production scene. Keep reading this post, if you are still in doubt what to include in your Hollywood sightseeing tour in Los Angeles.


The Hollywood Sign:

Arguably the most legendary sign in the earth, The Hollywood Sign tops the list of sightseeing in Hollywood. Originally built to read “Hollywoodland,” it was constructed by a team of developers in 1923 to endorse the land to sell for shelter. Nearly 100 years afterward, it shaped into something totally different. With trails to hike to the sign, and also ample spaces all through Hollywood to take pictures, it is must see landmark. Enjoy great views of the sign from Lake Hollywood Park, or hike up Mount Lee Drive which will take visitors above the sign.


Runyon Canyon:

One of the most favorite hiking regions for both visitors and locals Runyon Canyon is nearly 3 miles from start to finish. Pets are allowed on the trek, and you may see a few celebrities on your hike. You will certainly not be disappointed as you’ll have a great look at the Hollywood Hills & the greater LA Basin.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery:

With countless events being held on its grounds throughout the years, The Hollywood Forever Cemetery has only grown in popularity. It’s where some of the most acknowledged stars of Hollywood are buried. The cemetery is the resting place for innumerable Hollywood stars like Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Nelson Eddy, Janet Gaynor and Clifton Webb among others. Also, the cemetery is rumored to be haunted & is a famous venue for Halloween.


Griffith Observatory:

Being one of LA’s most recognized milestones, The Griffith Observatory is no doubt a must see destination during your Hollywood sightseeing tour. Sitting comfortably on the south slope of Mt. Hollywood, the building & its adjacent grounds provide great views of LA. The Observatory has also played host to movies like “The Terminator” and James Dean’s “Rebel Without a Cause.


Book a fascinating sightseeing tour in Los Angeles with A-List Hollywood Tour and make the most of your time while visiting all the above-mentioned and other attractions LA has to offer. From glamorous exploration of exclusive neighborhoods to adventure-packed trips to world-famous attractions – our sightseeing tours in LA involve everything. Get in touch with us now to know more about this trip.

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Sightseeing Tours in LA – Top 3 Places to Explore

The expansive city of LA (Los Angeles), in Southern California, has long been recognized globally in the film & entertainment industry, especially for Hollywood, a place that allured aspiring actors & actresses from across the country for nearly a century. At present, Los Angeles is a culturally assorted city, with a developing culinary scene, amazing shopping, exceptional museums, and a reputation for being the inventive center of America. This is why a sightseeing tour in LA is a must for anyone traveling to the city for the first ever time.


Universal Studios Hollywood:

Situated in Universal City, just northwest of Hollywood & the Hollywood Bowl, Universal Studios Hollywood is undoubtedly one of the most recognized attractions in LA area as it boasts rides & amusements based on some of the most acknowledged scenes & characters from the TV and film industry. You’ll enjoy taking the popular tram tour through Wisteria Lane, the setting for the television show “Desperate Housewives,” and go past the scary Bates Motel from “Psycho.” Kids will definitely enjoy shaking hands with their carton favorites such as SpongeBob SquarePants & The Simpsons. If you’re a thrill seeker, there’re loads of hair-raising coasters & rides to be attempted as well.


The Original Farmers Market:

Sitting south of West Hollywood is one of Los Angeles’ most favorite attractions: The Original Farmers Market. Originated in 1934, this open-air market has greeted everybody from President Eisenhower to The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. This facility allures both residents and outsiders with the guarantee of fresh produce & the fragrance of ready-to-eat snacks. In fact, here you can find everything from jewelry & candles to kitchenware and toys.


With its unique history & iconic sites, Hollywood is a destination in itself. The attractions in Hollywood are very closely related with the film industry & the magic of the silver screen. The Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood sign, the Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame can effortlessly fill a day or two of sightseeing. If you are fortunate, you might even see some celebrities there.


Sightseeing Tours in Hollywood CA should be an effortless affair when you book your trip with tour operators like A -List Holiday Tours. We are LA’s Most Popular Hollywood Tour operator with more than 600 5 -Star Reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp. To enjoy a customizable Hollywood tour, feel free to call us right now at 1-800-875-2052.

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